Digital List of Lights

The Admiralty Digital List of Lights provides lights and fog signal information for more than 70,000 unique light structures worldwide and provides fast , efficient updates weekly, via internet, email or CD.

Key benefits

  • Global coverage automatically updated in seconds, via the internet, email or CD.
  • Graphical and textual search facilities enable information to be located quickly & easily
  • printable to aid accurate passage planning
  • Can be used in places of paper Lights List-please check with your regulatory authority

  • Areas 1 and 2 – Northern Europe and the Baltic
  • Area 3 – Northern waters
  • Area 4 – Mediterranean and Black Seas
  • Area 5 – Indian Ocean (northern part) and Red Sea to Singapore
  • Area 6 – Singapore to Japan
  • Area 7 – Australia, Borneo and Philippines
  • Area 8 – Pacific Ocean including New Zealand
  • Area 9 – North America (east coast) and Caribbean
  • Area 10 – South Atlantic and Indian Ocean (southern part)

Additional areas can be purchased during the licence period, expiring on the same date as the original licence.