ARCS Navigator

ARCS is the world’s leading electronic raster chart service. Over 3000 ARCS charts provide extensive, official coverage of the world’s commercial shipping routes, main ports and harbours at a comprehensive range of scales. ARCS charts are licenced on a chart by chart basis to give you maximum flexibility – you only have to pay for the charts you require

All ARCS charts have the same familiar image and use the same internationally recognised symbology as Admiralty paper charts – making them the easy first step from chart table to electronic navigation.

ARCS Compatible OEMs

ARCS is fully compatible with a wide range of Electronic Chart Systems (ECS) and Electronic Chart Display & Information Systems (ECDIS), enabling users to simply choose the system that meets requirements and budget. For the current list of ARCS Compatible Display Systems

Proven Benefits

ARCS high quality digital image and full geographical referencing ensure superior chart display and maximum benefits in both real-time navigation and passage planning.

Safer Navigation

ARCS charts can be fully integrated with Global Positioning System (GPS). Vessel position, course and speed can be automatically plotted and updated as frequently as once a minute to give far greater positional accuracy than with traditional methods of navigation. User-defined overlays of danger areas, aypoints, notes, offset and check bearings can also be manually input and stored for all relevant charts. ARCS real-time vessel positioning and overlay facilities provide considerable real-time navigational benefits and greatly reduce the risk of grounding.

Improved Situational Awareness

Radar targets can be superimposed over ARCS charts to show actual distance and direction to other vessels and obstructions, providing an instant overview of your current situation. When used in conjunction with radar to provide collision avoidance indicators and alarms, ARCS significantly improves safety of navigation,and is particularly important in busy or confined waters.

Time Saving

Routes can be quickly and efficiently planned in advance and stored for future, repeat use. Passage plans can be easily adjusted at any time. Bearing and Distance between waypoints are automatically calculated. Planned routes are automatically applied across all chart scales to substantially reduce time spent at the planning stage.

Traditional Techniques

ARCS also enables the use of traditional techniques such as dead reckoning (DR) to verify GPS signal or in the event of GPS unavailability.
“ARCS improves decision making when it comes to manoeuvering – particularly in confined waters with dense traffic.”