Magnetico was founded in 1980 by Captain Andreas Dedegikas, who had also served the shipping industry as a compass adjuster. Since then the company has been supplying the Greek shipping industry with British Admiralty charts and publications as well as other nautical publications.
In 1997, Magnetico obtained quality certification according to the ISO 9001:2000 standard from the certification body Bureau Veritas.
Our company adopted from the first moment the principles and the required procedures of applying the ISO 9001 standard and is now certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Our company has implemented a comprehensive quality management system based on the international standard.
The above demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing quality services to all its customers.

Our Purpose

The main purpose of the company’s quality system implementation and certification is the continuous improvement of our business performance, while simultaneously creating added value for our customers, taking advantage of the rapid technological developments in the industry of trading nautical charts and nautical publications.
The framework and mechanism for defining and reviewing quality objectives and targets is set by Management at regular intervals.
Also the goal of our company is to determine the requirements of all interested parties and to take actions in order to meet them.
The continuous improvement of quality performance and the prevention of problems – non-conformities, which is a management commitment, require the awareness and systematic control of each process on an individual and as a whole level.
Our Purpose
The services offered by Magnetico are fast, reliable, cost-effective and always focused on prompt response and total customer satisfaction.